The first thing sellers typically do once they have decided to sell their house, is go online and search for information about their house, neighborhood and the market.  There is a lot of good information to find, but there is often inaccurate, outdated and incomplete real estate information online that can throw off someone who is looking to price their home.  The source of information is significant, which is why we recommend using our Sold Search and Market Snapshot tools, which utilize data pulled directly from the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). The very same data our experienced agents analyze everyday! 
It’s important to also keep in mind that pricing your home based only on available online data can distort the true picture as it overlooks other essential variables such as a home’s condition and other special amenities that can make a big difference in its intrinsic value.
All this being said, reliable sources can assist in broadening your overall knowledge of real estate and what might be happening in your market. Bringing a licensed agent into the mix will connect you to a knowledgeable resource, well-versed in your community, who can help identify which information is reflective of the current market, resulting in a better value estimate based upon "real time" sales data.
Choosing to sell your home is a big deal, and as with any other major life decision, educating yourself is just as important as enlisting assistance from an experienced professional. Whether you are ready to select an agent or you would like more time researching on your own - the choice is yours. 
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