Our experienced Client Service Managers will be assigned to work with the relocating 
employees, their spouses/partners, and corporate or third party representatives. The 
managers' goal is to have a process of communication for everyone involved during the 
entire relocation process including: 
  • Interviewing the transferee to understand their specific needs 
  • Being available to address needs and concerns throughout the relocation process 


We can provide you with a Customized Relocation Information Packet upon request, including 
neighborhood specific information - a great resource, with access to helpful information about 
moving to Houston. 



Candidate Tours and/or Area Overviews are excellent options which can provide a 

candidate or recent new hire with a general overview of Houston and market areas they 

may have a particular interest in. We can assist with these in the following ways:

  • One-on-one call with the candidate or recent new hire to provide an overview of Houston, discuss specific market areas, and address key questions or concerns 

  • Personalized Candidate Tour or Area Overview with a trained REALTOR® to address specific interests and needs of the candidate or recent new hire 



Heritage Texas Properties’ knowledgeable Relocation Team is well equipped to assist 

with any Group Move or On-Site Presentation needs. We understand that a successful 

Group Move requires significant planning and typically a highly customized program. 

We can assist in this process in a number of ways, including: 

  • Customized presentations and information packets tailored to the specific needs of the 
    Employer and/or Employee 
  • Detailed Houston Area Market information 

  • Virtual orientation and overview of Houston, Texas 

  • Overview of the home purchase/rental process for the Houston market 

  • Overview of the home sale process for the Houston market 

  • On-site, one-on-one meetings with employees and/or their spouses/partners 


We recognize that there is more to the moving process than simply buying or renting a 

home. At Heritage Texas Properties, we will help the transferee identify a real estate 

professional who will assist them in getting to know specific market areas based on their 

lifestyle preferences. We have the connections and resources necessary to help with 

every aspect of their move and we will strive to ensure every detail is handled with the 

utmost care and efficiency. Our services include: 

  • Home finding needs assessment interview with a Client Service Manager from our Relocation Department, including an overview of the market and the buying process in Houston. Additionally, we remind the transferee that our relocation team may be contacted at any time with questions or concerns. 

  • Customized Relocation Information Packet (available upon request) 

  • Assistance in selecting a relocation-trained REALTOR®, matched to the 

  • transferee’s specific needs and time frame 

  • Home purchase/rental assistance 



Getting the right price and selling a home quickly are key components to a successful 

relocation. This process can be one of the most stressful components of a move as it can 

impact many decisions for a transferring employee. Our services include: 

  • Home Marketing needs assessment interview with a Client Service Manager from our 

    Relocation Department, including an overview of the relocation home sale process 

  • Assistance in selecting a relocation-trained REALTOR®, matched to the transferee’s specific 

    market area and time frame 

  • Comprehensive market analysis, utilizing the ERC BMA and other proprietary forms 

  • Pre-listing preparation recommendations 

  • Comprehensive marketing plan 

  • Extensive online marketing campaign 



Heritage Texas Properties has an experienced Inventory Manager who oversees the

entire process for all homes that go into corporate inventory. This includes everything 

from utility/maintenance setup, to obtaining bids and overseeing approved work, to 

contract negotiation and close out of files.



Heritage Texas Properties has strategic partners we work with who can assist transferring employees in many other areas related to their relocation. Based on their specific needs, our Client Service Managers can make the appropriate introduction(s) between the transferring employee and our strategic partners in the following areas: 
  • Apartment Rental Assistance 

  • Destination / Settling In Services 

  • Temporary Living / Corporate Housing Assistance 

  • Household Goods Moving and Storage Assistance 

  • Property Management 

  • Educational Consulting 


With over 30 years of experience we continue to build strong relationships with 

companies who provide services to welcome candidates, newcomers and homebuyers 

with a personal touch. Contact us if you are interested in exploring a customized 

program beyond the basic services we provide. 

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